Cassandra Cain

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Black Bat is a name used by several unrelated heroes in the DC Universe. The most recognized is Cassandra Cain, previously known as Batgirl. Cain began using the name as an agent of [[Batman Incorporate. This is the Black Bat disambiguation page. Black Bat is a name used by several unrelated heroes in the DC Universe.
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Cassandra Cain (also known as Cassandra Wayne) is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly in association with the superhero Batman. Created by Kelley Puckett and Damion Scott, Cassandra Cain first appeared in Batman # (July ).
Cassandra Cain (also known as Cassandra Wayne) is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly in association with the superhero Batman. Created by Kelley Puckett and Damion Scott, Cassandra Cain first appeared in Batman # (July ).

Cassandra Cain (also known as Cassandra Wayne) is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly in association with the superhero Batman. Created by Kelley Puckett and Damion Scott, Cassandra Cain first appeared in Batman # (July ).

Cassandra beats Rose by playing on her emotions to leave her open for a critical strike, giving Deathstroke no choice but to get her medical attention. During this time, Cassandra starts developing a friendship with Brenda, the woman who owns the local coffee shop, and even a very short-lived relationship with a boy named Zero. Unfortunately, her friends are all killed in the Blüdhaven disaster.

Cassandra also goes undercover for Batman in the Justice League Elite , working under Sister Superior to track and eliminate metahuman threats to the population. She works with the Batman's old fellow Justice League members Green Arrow and the Flash , and forms a certain bond with Coldcast , who is the first person she revealed her real identity to.

Although he is subsequently accused of murder, she and the rest of the team soon realize that he had been manipulated by renegade Elite member Menagerie , who was also being manipulated by the spirit of Manchester Black as he tried to drive his sister to destroy London. As the JLA falls, the Elite, united by the spirit of the deceased Manitou Raven , free Vera and vanquish Black, although the team disbands after this last mission.

Cassandra gathers evidence that indicates that Shiva could be her mother, and seeks her out to confirm this. In the ensuing confrontation, Cassandra is mortally wounded by her "adoptive brother", the Mad Dog , while heroically saving one of the students under her leadership. Shiva revives Cassandra in a Lazarus Pit , then answers Cassandra's questions about her parentage. When Cassandra asks Shiva if she had killed more people since their last battle and Shiva said that she had, Cassandra asks if she would ever stop.

Shiva responds, "It's why I had you", and Cassandra agrees to fight her to the death once more. In an evenly matched battle, Cassandra manages to break Shiva's neck, paralyzing her. She appears ready to place Shiva in the Lazarus Pit, but Shiva pleads with her not to do so.

In response, Cassandra impales Shiva on a hook hanging over the pit, apparently killing her. Although Cassandra's intent regarding this action is unclear, whether to kill her or let her fall into the pit and be revived, it has been confirmed that Shiva is alive in the "One Year Later" storyline.

Cassandra then abandons the identity of Batgirl and returns to her life as a wanderer. Cassandra took on the role of a villain by becoming the head of the League of Assassins following the "One Year Later" continuity jump, as established in Robin July Robin Tim Drake captures David Cain and brings him to the League of Assassins as ransom to free Cassandra, only to find that Cassandra is the new leader.

Cassandra produces a gun and tells him to shoot Cain and join her league. Upon his refusal, she shoots Cain herself. Tim and Cassandra engage in a fight which ends when the platform they are fighting on explodes.

By the time Tim comes back to the original location, Cassandra and Cain are gone and the ninjas' necks have been snapped. Tim had secretly recorded the conversation, clearing his name, but branding Cassandra as a murderer at the same time. Cassandra then appears in Supergirl 14 April , battling the title character, Kara Zor-El , in her role as leader of the League of Assassins. She is hired by Dark Angel to kill Supergirl and attempts to do so by kidnapping Supergirl's friend, Captain Boomerang.

Supergirl arrives at the League's Tibetan headquarters to confront Cassandra, where they fight. Cassandra uses swords that emit red sun energy which strip away Supergirl's powers. However, as Cassandra prepares to kill her, Supergirl mysteriously extrudes crystals from her body which injure Cassandra. This story is shown to follow the "One Year Later" jump in the Robin series, as in Supergirl 14 there is a file in the Batcomputer titled "Cassandra Cain and the League of Assassins", showing this takes place after she battled Robin.

In Teen Titans vol. Cassandra reappears later in the Robin series. Cassandra with an ally plans to use the drug to create an army. She also makes another appearance where she murders the businessman who was producing that drug.

Robin had been unable to legally bring him to justice. Cassandra is also on the roster of Titans East and is once again wearing the Batgirl costume. It is revealed in Teen Titans vol. In issue 44, after a rematch with the Ravager and a brief confrontation with Robin, Robin injects Cassandra with a counter-serum prepared in case Deathstroke regains control of his daughter. She apparently regains control over herself, with a desire for revenge by killing Deathstroke for violating her like Ravager and Terra before her.

In issue 45, Cassandra is allied with the Teen Titans to which Miss Martian comments that she is more in control of herself now and faces Deathstroke, Match , and other former Titans East teammates, before being subdued by Risk. Batgirl attempts to kill Deathstroke, but is stopped and knocked unconscious by Nightwing, who demands that Deathstroke face the courts. However, Deathstroke escapes from the Titans with the help of Inertia , and after the battle is over, Batgirl and Duela Dent both vanish without a word.

Following the events in Infinite Crisis , 52 fills in the one-year gap where "One Year Later" left off. Cassandra was left behind while Batman, Robin, and Nightwing left for their year long trip and Harvey Dent was charged with protecting Gotham instead of her. Deathstroke approaches Cassandra and preys on her desire for a loving father as well as her feelings of abandonment.

Although occurring off-screen, Deathstroke managed to inject Cassandra with drugs, from a distance, that warped her mind allowing for him to manipulate her to his liking.

In October , DC announced that Cassandra would be taking up the Batgirl identity as a member of the Outsiders in the upcoming Batman and the Outsiders ongoing series to be written by Chuck Dixon , which appears to, or is hoped to, begin resolving the controversy.

Cassandra retakes the Batgirl mantle to join the Outsiders at Batman's request near the end of Batman and the Outsiders vol. Cassandra moves into the team's apartment, but does not show much desire to socialize with her teammates. Batman also offers membership to Green Arrow, who is furious to learn that the former leader of the League of Assassins is on the team as well.

While on a mission, Green Arrow and Batgirl battle one another and end up gaining an unusual sort of respect for each other. The team as a whole begins to slowly accept Batgirl into their ranks when she frees all of them from the Chinese military. After the loss of their leader in the " Batman R.

Cassandra, believing that Batman brought her onto the team for just such a contingency, takes command of the group. Together, they undertake a search for him. Beechen himself said that the story would resolve the questions over Cassandra's behavior and will be a setup for new Batgirl adventures.

In this series, Cassandra moves into Wayne Manor and desires to kill her father and Deathstroke for what they did to her. She uses the Batcave's computer to locate them, but is attacked by Nightwing, who claims she cannot be trusted. Robin and Batman give her the benefit of the doubt. During the series, Cassandra learns that David Cain and Deathstroke started up a school training Cassandra's "sisters".

When Cassandra hears that the school's purpose was to "cripple the meta-hero community", she believes Oracle is about to be assassinated and rushes to her base of operations.

She locates her father on a rooftop and engages in a one-on-one fight, eventually sending him over a ledge. When he loses his grip, she tries to save him but fails; he falls to another part of the rooftop. Batman, who had followed her, accepts her into the family again and says he will adopt her and make her his daughter.

The first issue of a Batgirl ongoing series, set after Bruce Wayne's apparent death during Final Crisis , shows Cassandra disillusioned. She passes her Batgirl identity to her close friend, Stephanie Brown. She leaves Gotham, with her whereabouts unknown. After Bruce Wayne returns , it is revealed that Cassandra's disillusionment was a ruse, and that she had willingly handed over her Batgirl mantle to Stephanie because she was acting under her mentor's order in the event of his death or disappearance.

Tim Drake is revealed to have been in regular contact with her, implying that she is now an anonymous agent to Batman. He attempts to persuade Cassandra to return to Gotham now that things have returned to normal, but she refuses, saying that Stephanie needs the Batgirl role more than she does.

Just before departing, Tim gives Cassandra a copy of her old costume and tells her that if she chooses to stay and fight crime in Hong Kong, he hopes she will do it while wearing a Bat-symbol. In Grant Morrison 's Batman Inc. She now uses the name of Black Bat , and is shown contacting Bruce after bringing down a heroin -smuggling operation in Hong Kong.

Feeling guilty over her failure to stop the explosives from leaving China, Cassandra returns to Gotham and partners with Red Robin, Dick Grayson , and Damian Wayne the newest Robin to bring the Architect to justice.

Despite Damian's hostility toward her, Cassandra ultimately saves his life after pulling him out of the club mere seconds before it is destroyed by a bomb. Once the Architect is defeated and captured, Cassandra implies that she intends to stay in Gotham rather than return to Hong Kong. Cassandra later infiltrates a tournament for hired killers and rescues Red Robin, who had been captured and was about to be sexually assaulted by the half-sister of Ra's al Ghul.

After rescuing Tim, Cassandra apparently kills him with a katana , thus winning the tournament for herself. It is later revealed that she had merely faked Red Robin's death in order to allow him to escape.

The two then travel to Hong Kong in order to catch a year-old assassin known as the Cricket, but are easily defeated. Just as Cassandra and Tim fall into unconsciousness, the Cricket vows to face them again someday, and tells them that he hopes they will put up a better fight next time.

Cassandra Cain appears in Batgirl: Futures End , set in The New Futures End continuity, a possible timeline five years from the present. She was intended to be a "gift" to the villain "Mother", to show her that child assassins can be manipulated through "the old ways" instead through the use of drugs, but "Mother" rejected her and told Orphan never to do anything behind her back again.

Although she is used by Mother to kill Miranda Row, mother of Batman's new ally Harper Row , at the conclusion of the storyline, Harper forgives Cassandra for her role in her mother's death, while Cassandra's own father David sacrifices himself to kill Mother by trapping her in her disintegrating fortress, refusing to allow her to torture others in the future.

At the storyline's conclusion, Cassandra adopts her father's identity of Orphan to continue protecting others. As Orphan, Cassandra is later inducted into Batman and Batwoman 's "boot camp" for young Gotham vigilantes. She tries to fight the team's battles alone and is known for sneaking into Stephanie Brown's and Harper Row's apartments in the middle of the night.

When Batman is attacked by the Colony, she tries to take them on by herself and is left injured and later sedated after leading the Colony into their base. Like the rest of the Batman family, Cassandra has no superhuman powers. As a child, she received intensive training by her father, along with several other members of the League of Assassins, including Bronze Tiger , Merlyn the archer, and a series of instructors hired by her father, including Alpha.

She received supplementary instruction from Onyx. She is an amazing hand-to-hand combatant and is highly-skilled in several martial arts, including Jeet Kune Do , [22] Muay Thai , [22] and Ninjutsu. Cassandra's superiority in combat results not just from her excellent physical condition, but from her cognitive functions the result of her idiosyncratic upbringing that enables extraordinary feats of coordination as well as perceiving minute changes in an opponent's movements and body language.

In Batgirl 14 May , the writer, Kelley Puckett , places Cassandra in a position within the story in which her skills are analyzed by a group of government experts. The creative team reveal to the reader that the character has no metagene.

Yet her genetic status was felt to be incompatible with her recorded abilities. One expert states, "Her individual moves are borderline human. It's her aggregate speed that's metahuman. Look—humans can throw a miles-per-hour fastball, smash concrete blocks with their heads, and run 4.

What they can't do is all of that at once. It's not so much physical as Too much to coordinate. Her upbringing using body language as her exclusive mode of communication also had the effect of enabling her to "read" minute changes in an opponent's expressions, breathing, muscles, joint position, and center of gravity which in turn allows her to see or "predict" an opponent's moves before they happen.

It is possible this ability is only partially the result of her upbringing and that there is a genetic predisposition to it since Lady Shiva, Cassandra's mother, is the only other martial artist known in the DC universe to have this ability. When a telepath "rewired" Cassandra's brain to allow her speech, this had the unintended consequence of blocking her ability to "predict" attacks, as though her ability to comprehend physical language was traded for her ability to speak and read.

Eventually, Lady Shiva helped her to regain this ability, but how this was done is never revealed. Cassandra also exhibits extraordinary resistance to pain. On more than one occasion she has been described as "being able to take a bullet wound and not even bat an eye", due to additional training received as a child. As a side effect of her father's training, Cassandra's brain developed learning functions different from most. Having been brought up by Cain deliberately without speech, the communication centers of her brain learned body language instead of spoken or written language.

Thus, she originally had as much trouble learning spoken and written language as a normal individual would have in learning body language.

Although she was able to learn some very basic things "no", "yes", "me" the same way a normal person can learn to recognize smiles and frowns, it took a telepath "rewiring" her brain to teach her to speak and understand English.

Even then, she only spoke with extreme difficulty very falteringly, short sentences with long pauses, frequently using the wrong words, etc. In Batgirl 67 October , Oracle performed a number of tests on Cassandra, determining the severity of the problem: Not centralized like with most people. When you try to read or write, your brain doesn't know how to keep it cohesive.

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After a crime boss has Tony Quinn blinded by acid, Tony is given the ability to see in the dark like a bat. Them he takes the guise of the Black Bat to see to it that crime does not pay and that the scales of justice are balanced once more.

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We Sell High Quality Hip Hop Jewelry at the lowest prices-Iced out pendants and chains, bracelets and more. Cassandra Cain (also known as Cassandra Wayne) is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly in association with the superhero Batman. Created by Kelley Puckett and Damion Scott, Cassandra Cain first appeared in Batman # (July ). Black Bat is a name used by several unrelated heroes in the DC Universe. The most recognized is Cassandra Cain, previously known as Batgirl. Cain began using the name as an agent of [[Batman Incorporate. This is the Black Bat disambiguation page. Black Bat is a name used by several unrelated heroes in the DC Universe.

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