Victoria Beckham Works Out for 2 Hours Every Morning: 'I'm Very Disciplined'

This comment is not a fabrication if anyone else like me was wondering. She did advocate the use of setting people on fire in a tire, it was called necklacing I guess, and she made a direct reference towards using her and their necklaces to liberate their people.

Miss Gibson offered an explanation as to how Beckham explained these explicit messages to his wife. In the film, Jules encourages Jess to pursue her dream of playing soccer professionally, telling her that in America women can play with the WUSA.

Truth is if a man like David Beckham put his height at 5'11 in his official autobiography, that's the absolute maximum he could reach. You say about David:

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In , Rebecca Loos rose to fame after claiming to have a four-month affair with her then-boss, David Beckham. The fall-out from her claims were diabolical with David vehemently denying her.
rageabout You and I have the same love of family, football, motorcycles and hats. Please tell me where can I get that hat!
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Power couple Victoria and David Beckham were joined by their four children on the cover of British Vogue‘s October issue, Tell me about Hot New Hip Hop news.

I never knew any of his affairs became public.. I don't know what I would have done. For the past two weeks, the British press has been dominated by allegations that soccer captain David Beckham has carried on affairs during his marriage to former Spice Girl Victoria Adams a.

Now, an April 18 report in the News of the World claims that Beckham even admitted to one of his affairs during a phone call to his wife. Beckham's former personal assistant, year-old Rebecca Loos, was paid a six-figure sum in pounds for her story about an alleged extramarital relationship between her and the athlete, during which he is supposed to have sent raunchy mobile-text messages to her.

Loos, who is the daughter of a Dutch diplomat, also appeared in a TV interview on April 15, saying that she could prove the affair had occurred. Although Beckham has publicly called the Loos claims ludicrous, other women have come forward to the media claiming to have had affairs with him.

Malaysian-born Sarah Marbeck, 29, says she had an affair with the English soccer star beginning in July And according to another newspaper, The People, Beckham had a one-night stand with Celina Laurie, a vicar's daughter, after a game in Denmark in August of In spite of the couple's public displays of unity, News of the World has reported that Adams is now considering a trial separation from Beckham.

Friends of the singer told the paper that she'd been upset by Loos' TV interview, in which Loos said that Beckham had made her "feel like a million dollars" in a Madrid hotel room, feeding her strawberries. Rumors of strain in the marriage had already begun in mid, when Beckham moved from the Manchester United soccer team to Real Madrid.

Adams refused to move to Spain with her husband, choosing instead to stay in Britain with their two children. The Beckhams have been married since Still haven't found the one I read a while back with all of the goodies sans text message transcripts , but here's one where the nanny shows out and throws them under the bus; she talks about Rebecca the little assistant with the big mouth: Miss Gibson, 27, who worked for the footballer and his wife for two years, told the newspaper she had witnessed devastating rows between the couple.

She also claimed Beckham had affairs with personal assistant Rebecca Loos, beautician Dannielle Heath and at least one other woman. She said Victoria had tearfully confided in her: The newspaper was free to publish her claims because of a landmark decision in the High Court on Saturday night. Mr Justice Langley ruled the story was in the public interest, even though Miss Gibson had signed a confidentiality agreement with the Beckhams agreeing not to disclose details of their private lives.

His decision, which will have ramifications for other celebrities, came after he was told the Beckhams were suing the News of the World for a previous report claiming their marriage was on the rocks.

Immense strain Yesterday friends of Victoria Beckham said the year-old former Spice Girl was under intense strain after the latest revelations. The next day, a devastated Victoria confided that he wanted to end the marriage. The nanny said Victoria told her: I have to make sure I don't trigger another argument. I have asked him to stay with me until the baby is born. I think things are slipping away from me.

She cried, 'I don't know if he loves me any more. I am so worried about losing him'. Victoria was driven crazy trying to find out whether her husband had really cheated on her with Miss Loos, who became a personal assistant to the couple after Beckham signed to Real Madrid.

He always denied it, either refusing to give her a straight answer or yelling abuse and driving off in his sports car, said Miss Gibson. When Beckham joined her at their chalet, he looked 'pale and drawn', Miss Gibson said.

The couple spent many hours talking alone in their bedroom. Among Miss Loos's sordid allegations was that she and Beckham exchanged risque text messages.

Miss Gibson offered an explanation as to how Beckham explained these explicit messages to his wife. She said he had convinced Victoria his mobile phone had gone missing, and that Miss Loos must have used it to send the messages to herself.

Victoria also believed she was more attractive than Miss Loos. If your husband is going to have an affair he is going to do it with someone better looking than his wife," she told Miss Gibson. The beautician Beckham, 30, always denied claims he seduced Victoria's former beautician Dannielle Heath, The nanny said she believed Miss Heath's claim that they went to bed but did not have full sex. Miss Gibson also said she once had a sneaky look through Beckham's mobile phone memory when he lent her an old handset.

She found messages sent to a mystery woman. Vanity Victoria constantly fretted about her looks and was paranoid Beckham would leave her for someone prettier. She revealed to her nanny that, despite her denials to the press, she had had cosmetic breast implants. She also worried about looking 'fat' when she was pregnant with Cruz. One night she told Miss Gibson: What is there to stop him from going out and finding someone who has more in the way of looks?

He stuck to a strict beauty regime, using La Prairie eye cream and constantly preening himself in front of the mirror, Miss Gibson said. Brand Beckham Miss Gibson believed 'Brand Beckham' was the only factor holding the couple's marriage together. The commercial power stemming from their image as a golden couple would evaporate overnight if they were living apart. Beckham, who was not as well known as Victoria when they met, now taunted his wife that he was 'more famous'.

She said Victoria loves her husband - but he does not feel the same way about her. Wow, I feel so bad for Posh. She needs to leave him, ain't no man worth all that drama. For all of you that cheat on your spouses or your boyfriend or girlfriend. Nothing good is going to come to you. For all you jack asses that fucks around on people spouses or partner, nothing also good is not going to come to you. If there are children in the relationship, you are going to straight to hell and you are going to be miserable for the rest of your lives.

SCNY, sit your ass down! You made me spit out my rum and coke What would I do without Georgia and So Cute? Oh yeah, lemme not forget the Nipster. But its weird how u always see them holding hands and stuff and theyre marriage is a mess. Mar 12, Maybe I didn't read that story right but rebecca's parents were cool with her being with a married man?? MY mother and father would bitchslap me back to the Motherland. How in the hell people get into your text messages David Beckham has gone crazy believing Posh has been having an affair on him.

In manic rage, he goes out and buys a gun. He rushes home to confront his wife, and finds her in bed with none other than Ruud Van Nistelroy. Devastated, Beckham takes out the gun and points it at his own head. Alex Ferguson goes on 'Who wants to be a millionaire'.

Tarrant is surprised when Fergie nominates the 'boy wonder' Beckham to take the call. Beckham answers the phone and is presented with the question and the 2 remaining options by Fergie. Beckham states with assured authority; It's a badger boss'. Fergie asks if he's sure and gets confirmation from 'the gifted one'.

Fergie gives his reply to Tarrant and walks away with half a million. Next day in training Fergie says to Beckham; how come you were so sure of the answer last night. Beckham said; ' that was easy boss - everyone knows that a cuckoo lives in a clock. The assistant tells him it keeps hot things hot and cold things cold. Posh and Becks are sitting in front of the television watching the six o'clock news.

The main story is a man threatening to jump off the Clifton Suspension Bridge on to the busy road below. Posh turns to Becks and says: I bet that he doesn't. Sure enough, the man jumps and hits the road below with a loud thud. I saw the five o'clock news, so I knew he was going to jump. I saw the five o'clock news, too. I just didn't think he would do it again.

You have to wind the windows up first! David Beckham walks into a sperm donor bank, "I'd like to donate some sperm" he says to the receptionist. Shall I call Posh Spice for you? The receptionist replies "Well David, it says on your record that you're a useless wanker Posh asks him why he is celebrating. Why is David Beckham like a Ferrero Roche?

They both come in a posh box.

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